Who am I ?

My name is Ricardo, and I live in southern Spain currently live and work in New York, but half my family is German, and I was born and lived in Spain most of my life. Although I have graduated as a Chemical Engineer and have a PhD in Computational Chemistry, I have always had a strong vocation towards computers and technology, as well as a great fondness for stories and fantasy.

I have an endless curiosity, which brings me to love Internet as an infinite source of information and entertainment. I also have an urge to tweak, root and hack everything that falls into my hands until either I get it to do what I expect it to, until I realize it is not possible to do what I want (at least with my limited knowledge), or it is FUBAR (we all make mistakes!). So I guess it is not a big surprise that I also love Linux and all the open source community around it.

Yes, I guess I have the knack

Besides that, I also enjoy watching TV shows and movies (like everyone else, I guess), reading books (mostly fiction: novels and sci-fi), or doing (not watching!) sports like running, cycling or hiking. So be prepared to find some posts about that too.

What about this site ?

To be true, this site is (at least) my third attempt at starting a blog. Every few years, I feel compelled to tell the world about my thoughts and some things I do or happen to me. At those moments, I start a blog, write on it for a few months, and then, I remember that, in fact, I do not have that much to say, and let it fall into oblivion, and never get back to it.

This time I have a little more of an excuse for starting this site: I have put up a small server at home with a permanent internet connection. Hosting this site is one of the purposes for this little server, as well as a source for some more technical posts to share on it, together with some of my thoughts, stories, and some tweaks and/or hacks I find useful.

WARNING: As I already mentioned, this is a self hosted site, residing on a low-resource machine and served through a not-so-good internet connection, so that you might experience the site being unavailable at some times (when resource usage on the server goes up or when I am making a heavy use of my internet connection). In these cases, please be patient and come back at later time.


To the left of this page you will find links to my email, social networks and github repositories. Please feel free to have a look at them and to contact me if you like :smile:

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