Welcome to invik’s web page.

This little project is about my self hosted personal site. It starts just as a small blog I can tweak to my likes, but I will be adding other sections as soon as I realize I need them.

WARNING: As I already mentioned, this is a self hosted site, residing on a low-resource machine and served through a not-so-good internet connection, so that you might experience the site being unavailable at some times (when resource usage on the server goes up or when I am making a heavy use of my internet connection). In these cases, please be patient and come back at later time.

Here you will find some stories about my thoughts, things that happened, places I have been to, some tweaks and projects I start, pictures, code snippets and samples of configuration files.

Any comments and/or suggestions are welcome, either on the posts, my mail, twitter or github (you can find links for them in the 'About' page and in the footer of any page on this site).

Recent Posts

‘Via Ferrata’ climbing

2 minute read

A couple of weekends ago, I went to climb a nearby ‘via ferrata’ with some friends, and I just loved the experience.

Trip to New York

2 minute read

It is hardly a secret that 2016 was a bad year for me. Possibly the worst in my entire life. I was let down by several people I trusted, I ended up in an und...