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I just arrived home from our last ‘Python Murcia’ Meetup this year. As every month, we met at the CEEIM building in the University Campus at Espinardo. Everybody, including myself, seems to be quite busy this time, so that we were only a few people there.

As I did not have much time, I just prepared a flash talk about the online ‘Blind Docking’ tool we have developed at work. The presentation is just a few slides long, but you can download it from here. Also, if you are interested in structural bioinformatics or in drug discovery, you can have a look at our web site: Aquiles Blind Docking Server.

The title slide in my flash talk. The title slide in my flash talk.

Surprisingly, despite none of the attendees does anything related with the topic, they were curious about the tool and about what we do, and I ended up promising to give another, longer, talk about our work, and show some of our code, in one of the next meetups. Of course, I will upload it here too.

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